Tonight was a Social media battle for me, and in the dog world this is comparable to a heated political Facebook post.  You know the kind. You’re just looking through your feed when something pops out that you can’t ignore.  Somebody you’ve never met says a comment so abhorrently wrong, that you just sit there staring at it. You type a response of what you REALLY want to say. That response contains curse words, condescending tones, and about 50 exclamation marks. Then you erase and re-write it 3 times. You type it again with less vitriol, and then you just stand there staring at it wondering if you’re really making a difference? Will they really change their mind?  Is this going to make things awkward next time you see Jenny at book club? Should you just let this go, or get involved in a heated discussion with somebodies racist uncle because you can’t let that kind of rhetoric stand?

 Yep, that was me tonight. Except this post was on a dog rescue group. I’m in several of these...

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