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Pool Rental

Here at Jumping Jack Dog Ranch, we have a large fenced-in yard with a dog-themed pool! Our circular pool features a beachfront entry for dogs that like to romp and splash through the shallow end, as well as a deeper end for the pups who enjoy swimming and jumping in! It also has a fire hydrant water fountain in the middle of a bone shaped island! How cute is that?! 

This is great for dogs who do not get along with others, doggie birthday parties, meetups, the list goes on! 

Rent our private dog park complete with a swimming pool for your pups. 

Monday-Friday Pricing 1- 4 dogs= $50/hr

Monday-Friday Pricing 5 - 10 dogs= $75/hr

Saturday-Sunday Pricing 1- 4 dogs= $100/hr

Saturday-Sunday Pricing 5 -10 dogs= $150/hr

You can bring a few of your dogs' friends, or just have your pup; it's totally up to you! There is no lifeguard on duty, you are responsible for your dogs' safety. Due to this, we do not allow children under 10 years at the pool, no exceptions. You can bring food or drinks, just no glass. Please stay in the paved parking lot until 5 minutes before your rental, you may then park in front of the pool and enter once the previous party has exited. All dogs must be on a leash at all times until you enter the pool yard. If pool rentals are cancelled within 72 hours, your deposit will be refunded to store credit. If you are unable to attend your rental due to weather you will be fully refunded or rescheduled. 

Effective immediately, we have decided to implement a $100 cleaning fee in cases where excessive trash is noted after a private pool rental. “Excessive trash" refers to the accumulation of waste, such as food containers, bottles, wrappers, or any other non-biodegradable materials that require extra effort to clean up. As a reminder, smoking is prohibited on property, as are glass containers. 

Click here to request a private pool rental online!

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