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13731 Carpenter Lane

Manchaca, TX 78652

(512) 580-3617


Cooper Pesek, Yellow Lab

Cooper loves the sunshine and having something in his mouth! He is a great and patient puppy babysitter and new friend for our dogs coming in for the first time!

Daisy Mundy, Mediocre Pyrenees

A born escape artist, Daisy loves leading group hikes through the nearby woods! She is our #1 working dog for big, rowdy boy puppies who need to learn boundaries with other dogs!


Rogue Pickens, Floof

Rogue is our most perfect lady! She loves puppies, small dogs and playing! She helps our puppies learn how to play and become good adults, and is great with shy dogs. Much to the dismay of her mother, you can often find her at the pool yard, rolling around in all the dirt. Mud baths are good for the skin right?

Juniper Lightning Bug, Greyhound

Juniper is a fast girl! She loves play! She likes digging holes and hiding things inside them! 

Rugby Wilson, floof

Rugby is one of our top puppy babysitters here at the ranch! He is a good adult who helps us shape puppies to know how to be good grown-ups. He is very patient, especially with his brother, Boo Boo, who likes to chew on his leash. 

Buffy Perales, Beagle

Sweet Buffy Anne is our favorite pup to help shy wallflowers come out of their shell! She is an absolute angel and her fashion slays! You can often find her sporting her favorite pink tracksuit.

Maya Mundy, English Cream Golden Retriever

Baby Maya Bean is our bulletproof in training! She is one of our best tester dogs who helps us be able to tell what kind of groups our new dogs will like best. Her favorite hobbies include eating things she shouldn’t and making her mom pay for surgeries!

Argie, Doodle
Bella Mundy, Lab Mix

A former Jumping Jack foster dog through Lucky Lab, Bella is an alien who came to this planet and is hiding as a dog since it is closest to her original form.

Si Pesek, Mutt

You always know when Si is at the ranch from his big voice! He loves taking part in dayschool sessions and helping test our new dogs!

Henry James, Papillon Mix

Henry James

Boo Boo Wilson, Pyrenees Mix

Boo Boo is a big dumb-dumb. He loves playing with girl dogs who need a silly boy who is not offended by anything! Also his girlfriend, Juniper. He is the type of dog who would be found in a made-for-TV movie in a trash bin and have a sequence where the family bathes him and suddenly he’s adorable and brings the family together. 

Olivia, Labrador Pyrenees Mix


Bear Kring, Mini Aussie