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Jumping Jack Rules

- WE REQUIRE DOGS TO BE CURRENT ON VACCINES AT LEAST ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE START DATE OF YOUR RESERVATION. All dogs must be current on Rabies, Bordetella, and DHP vaccinations or have applicable titers. The influenza vaccine is recommended but not required at this time. We do accept titers in place of vaccines for dogs over 5 years of age, or dogs with a note from their veterinarian.
Some vaccines can take up to 2 weeks to become effective, please keep this in mind when making reservation requests, as we reserve the right to turn you away upon drop off if you do not have the required vaccines and paperwork. Because we are in the country we do recommend getting a Rattlesnake vaccine as well. 

Evaluation Day
- All new dogs must complete an Evaluation Day prior to any reservation requests being confirmed.  Availability for these is limited and a reservation is required so please submit your request in advance through the ‘Book Online’ tab!  While you will not be present for the evaluation, we do send their Evaluation Day video to you in a report card in the afternoon!

What can I bring?
- We recommend bringing your dogs' food in a labeled container or bag as well as any treats or medications you'd like to bring. Do not pre-bag medications in with your dogs' food, upon check-in staff will make sure that we set up your dogs' medications for their stay. Please don't bring toys, beds, or bowls as those are all provided by our facility. We do not allow rawhides or bones because they are a choking hazard when not monitored the entire time they are eating them. If you do bring anything with you, please make sure to label it really well, as even though we do our best, things may get lost, or damaged by your dog. 

Cancellation Policy
- We require 72 hours notice for boarding and grooming reservations. For daycare reservations, we require 24 hours notice. Cancellations or no-shows without this notice are automatically charged a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total reservation amount.

Collars/Vehicle Policy
- We will provide your dog with a temporary break away collar upon entry to our facility. We do not accept collars that contain any chains, and we do not accept dogs with shock or prong collars. In addition to our collar policy; we will not release dogs that are not secure within your vehicle i.e. dogs in the back of pickup trucks will not be allowed on the Jumping Jack property. Dogs MUST be on a leash when on Jumping Jack property as we do board some dogs with dog and people aggression. Jumping Jack Dog Ranch is not responsible for any injuries to your dog if your dog is off-leash.

Pick your Path Boarding
- You may pick your dogs' boarding path of group play or geriatric. That being said, both group play and the geriatric room require behavior evaluation by our trainers to make sure your dog is a good fit for the group. In the event we determine your dog is not a good fit for group play or the geriatric room, they will be moved to the "human time only" plan. We only accept 7 Human Time Only dogs each day, so these boarding paths book up 6+ months in advance.  All boarding paths are the same price. See our pricing section under the FAQ dropdown. 

Flea/Tick Prevention
- All dogs must be up to date on flea/tick prevention. In the event we notice fleas/ticks on your dog they will be given a bath by our grooming staff at your expense and sprayed with our essential oil flea repellant spray containing witch hazel, peppermint, citronella, and lemongrass. 

Spay /Neuter
- We do accept unaltered dogs, but they must be on the human time path if they're over 12 months of age.  Unaltered dogs are sometimes placed in playgroups with dogs of the opposite gender only, but this is at the discretion of our trainers. For unaltered females, you MUST have an emergency contact willing to pick up your dog in the event that they go into heat while on property. We do not accept dogs in heat on the property under any circumstances. IF you are unavailable, your emergency contact must pick up your dog. 

- We do not have breed restrictions, but we do build playgroups around your dogs breed, size, and personality. For example, a large German Shepherd will never be placed in the same playgroup as a Chihuahua.  All play is supervised, and any warning signs of aggression will result in a dog being moved to the "human time only" plan.

Photography Release
- We do require all clients to sign a photography release so that photos may be posted to our social media page. We take thousands of pictures of dogs throughout the day to share with their owners and it is not manageable for us to determine who has/hasn't signed our photography waiver. In the event you are not comfortable having your dog photographed, this might not be the right boarding facility for you. 

Bad Weather
- If flooding and/or icy road conditions leading to the ranch are noted and daycare or grooming services will be cancelled for the day, we will reach out to you via text message. In the event you still need to bring your dog, we can care for them but cannot guarantee the same level of play.
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