Austin Texas Dog Boarding

We realize not all dogs are the same, which is why we have different boarding paths, all at the same price of $65/night, $50/night for the 2nd dog in the same suite.  Pick the path below that best fits your dog's personality so they can have the most enjoyable stay! We offer group play and geriatric paths. Please note that we require Evaluation Days for new dogs to be performed before we can confirm any Boarding requests. If your dog Evaluates as needing to be a Human Time Only dog, we do book out 6+ months in advance for Human Time Only Boarding spots. This is because we are only able to board 7 Human Time Only dogs at a time due to the extensive amount of time they require. We are no longer accepting new Human Time clients.
Group Play Path- $65/Night
How do I know if my dog is a good fit? 
This plan is great for dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs. If you're not sure if your dog will enjoy group play, you can leave that up to us! We'll be happy to test your dog and see where they're most comfortable. Every dog enrolled in the group play plan goes through an extensive evaluation process before being added to a playgroup with others.  We evaluate your dog with our "bulletproof" on-staff dogs. They are called "bulletproof" because we know how they react in any situation and they actively work to diffuse any tension.
Once your dog has passed the evaluation, we actively build them a playgroup with other client dogs based on their play style, size and temperament. All playgroups are selected by our highly-trained staff, are monitored 100% of the time, and are under the supervision of a certified professional dog trainer. Safety and fun are our highest priorities. 
  1. Must be spayed/neutered if older than 12 months for the group play path.
  2. Must pass appropriate play behavior evaluations with Jumping Jack staff dogs before playing with others.
  3. Absolutely no prong, shock, or chain collars allowed. Cloth or leather collars only. 
  4. Playgroups cannot exceed 7 dogs per group unless there is a large hike to the pool.
  5. If your dog is involved in an altercation deemed to be their fault, they are moved to the "human time only" plan for the remainder of their stay.  
  6. Any additional altercations on future stays will result in them staying on the "human time only" path permanently. This doesn't mean your dog is aggressive, it just means they do best with people time only in this particular environment. 
  7. All playgroups are supervised by Jumping Jack Staff
  8. We make every attempt to take group play dogs to the pool but if you want guaranteed pool time, you can add that service on for $15/day. 
  9. Must be current on vaccinations or vaccination titers (See vaccination policy here
  10. Must not show overt human aggression/biting or growling towards staff. 
  11.  Housemates may board in the same suite if you have more than one dog, discounted second dog same suite rate is $45.
  • 6am-8am- First Potty break, feeding time, medications
  • 8am-12pm- Group Play time & Swimming
  • 12pm-1pm-Nap Time
  • 1pm-4 pm-  Group Play time & Swimming
  • 4pm-7pm- Nap time/ dinner time
  • 7pm-9pm- Final potty breaks/Play time, medications given, lights out!
Geriatric Dogs Only Path- $65/Night
How do I know if my dog is a good fit? : 
This plan is ideal for elderly or low energy dogs. The ideal quiet room dog is >10 years old.  This plan was created for dogs who find playing with other dogs too tiring, and would rather lie on a dog bed and sun themselves on the back patio at their leisure.  If your dog sleeps inside all day and just wants to chill on a dog bed, this is the ideal path for them.  The quiet room features a door to our outdoor patio and potty yard, and extra people time with our staff.  We diffuse lavender essential oils in the quiet room to keep everybody calm and relaxed. The quiet room is on the east wing of our building, far away from any noises.
  1. Must be spayed/neutered unless a registered show or working dog or medical reasons.
  2. Must be current on vaccinations or vaccination titers (See vaccination policy here) .
  3. Must not show overt human aggression/biting or growling towards staff. 
  4. Can be paired with a housemate if you have more than one dog.
  • 6am-8am- First Potty Break, feeding time, medications.
  • 8-12 pm- Time in our "quiet room" which is indoor, air conditioned, full of plush beds. There is a door with indoor/outdoor access to a private yard, and frequent potty breaks are provided.
  • 12-2pm- Nap time in personal kennel.
  • 2-6pm- Quiet room time.
  • 6-7pm- Dinner time in kennel.
  • 7-9pm- Final potty breaks, medications given.