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Foster Dogs Past & Present
Gambit - Adopted!

Gambit is a foster pup well deserving of a good home. He is a huge love bug, is very polite, enjoys snuggles, and is a dream on leash. He is extremely intelligent, fun and eager to train, loves playing with toys, and playing in the water! Sometimes, Gambit feels scared and can act defensively around certain types of dogs, but has made and continues to make and maintain new, healthy friendships in the right environment and with the right personalities. Gambit has shown high anxiety in apartment settings when left alone, and will remain healthy and happy in a house with a yard. Gambit would be happiest and most secure as the only dog in a home, unless with a highly experienced owner that has the right dog, as well as the resources and knowledge to ensure his safety, happiness, and security of a forever family. Gambit is continuing to grow, learn, and gain confidence and trust in the dog world around him. The sky is the limit with a long life ahead of him! Give us a call at 512-580-3617 or email us at to meet this sweet boy!

Tiger - Adopted!

Tiger is an energetic, enthusiastic, loving girl! She is about 60lbs and estimated to be about 2 years old. She loves to play and enjoys other dogs! She would do best in an active household where she has lots of opportunities to play and exercise!

Bo (Noodle) - Adopted!
Bo is a wonderful little dog, who enjoys other dogs and people. He is a maltese mix who is about 20lbs, neutered, and estimated to be about 6 years old. Bo's owner recently passed away and he is now in our care. Let us know if you would like more information about Bo!
Mac- Adopted!
Mac is a loving, calm older gentleman. He is a shepherd mix and he is about 6 and a half years old. He is looking for a family to spend out his golden years. Mac would love a home where he can be the only dog and can relax on a couch with lots of love!
Teagan-  Adopted!

Teagan is a playful, energetic, fun-loving, sweet heart, whom anyone would be lucky to meet! She can play all day and can be a bit annoying to older dogs so she needs help taking breaks. Teagan enjoys walks through nature, positive reinforcement training, and also enjoys winding down in a quiet space with a mentally stimulating, frozen kong. Teagan has recently been counter conditioned to enjoy her crate as opposed to hating it, but does need a frozen kong in the crate to continue her training.  Teagan is not good with cats as she finds them to be VERY exciting, so she would do best in a home without cats. Teagan is 9 months old, she was recently spayed and is ready for her forever home! 

Dayse-  Adopted!

Dayse is a 3 year old lab/ bloodhound  mix who is very sweet!   Dayse has had some rough experiences in the past and was attacked by a dog in a previous foster home.  We have worked with Dayse to re-introduce her to dogs in a slow methodical fashion to help re-train her brain to realize that other dogs are fun and not scary.  Dayse needs an owner to continue to work with her to heal her dog PTSD. This means not putting her in situations like dog parks, or areas with off leash dogs as it will de-rail all of her progress.  She is potty trained and is perfectly behaved in the house, she doesn't have to be crated at all. Dayse does not jump on people, and she has a very long attention span for training.  She knows sit, down, wait, and place!    Dayse LOVES cats and would love to be in a house with a feline companion, she even snuggles them!  Dayse is also wonderful with kids! 

Stewart- (Adopted)

Stewart is a 1 year old lab blend who is enthusiastic about everything!  Stewart has gone through our training boot camp and has completed his training!  He knows sit, down, stay, place and walks well on a leash!  Stewart is very food motivated and loves training. He's very well adjusted, nothing scares him including loud noises or unpredictable movements. He was very well socialized as a puppy and will make a great companion! Stewart is very bouncy and often jumps straight in the air out of pure joy! He has learned however not to jump on people, but you can't take the bounce out of Stewart! Stewart would be best as an only dog as he has been known to guard toys, and can be a bit of a rough player with other dogs.  He isn't dog aggressive, he's just a little rude and will hopefully grow out of it in time :) 

Bugs- (Adopted)

Bugs is a 6 month old lab/ German shorthaired pointer mix that came to Lucky Lab during Hurricane Harvey as a puppy. He was raised in a foster home for a while before coming to Jumping Jack. While here, he has been getting proper dog socialization skills as well as basic manners training with our trainer Wes.  Bugs is crate trained, but is still a puppy so he needs potty breaks every 6 hours or so.  Bugs will do well in a home with other adult dogs or older children. Bugs knows sit, basic leash walking skills and is working on his mouthiness.


Update: Bugs was adopted by a Jumping Jack client whose dog loved him during her boarding stay! His name is now Jack :)  

Bubba (Adopted!)

Bubba is a 6 year old yellow lab found running down IH35 near New Braunfels with another yellow lab.  His microchip was registered to a person in Maryland who claimed he no longer wanted the dog. We have no idea how he made a journey from Maryland to Texas, but we're glad he's here!  Bubba is neutered, up to date on shots and is finishing up meds for an ear infection.  Bubba is great with all dogs, cats and people. He is very well behaved in the house, and loves toys but he is pretty clumsy and happy, so he might knock small children over unintentionally. We are working with bubba on "drop it" with toys. He is potty trained and really looking forward to having a forever home! 

Update: Adopted! His name is now Bear and he lives with a yellow lab brother named Finn!

Snoopy (Adopted!)

Snoopy is a 9 month old Black lab/ Sharpei mix who was found by the Jumping Jack Staff in a temporary  shelter at Austin Pets Alive after Hurricane Harvey.  The Jumping Jack staff was volunteering at the shelter when they came across Snoopy and realized he didn't have much time left.  Snoopy was emaciated and had a horrible case of pneumonia. He was severely dehydrated and had trouble breathing.  With the help of the Lcuky Lab team and a GoFundMe campaign, we were able to get Snoopy checked into the emergency vet. After about a week of supportive care, he was able to come home and recover with Brett in her home. 


Update: We are proud to announce that Snoopy was adopted by a wonderful family and now has a big brother named Ace that he plays with!  

Gus (Adopted!) 

Gus is a 3 year old old male black lab/ pitbull mix who came to us off death row in a shelter in Edinburg Texas. Gus was in a kennel with 6-8 dogs and was attacked by one in the shelter.  He came to us with puncture wounds, Erlichea, Heartworm and was about 15 pounds underweight. Gus is a pretty calm lab, and he's a very serious snuggler. Gus gets along with most dogs, but isn't the type of dog you can take to a dog park.  Gus just finished heartworm treatment and will be neutered and ready for adoption soon! 

Update: Gus has been adopted by our co-owner Matt!

Arlo (Adopted!) 

Arlo is a 7 month old black lab male who came to us from a squatter situation in Bexar County. The previous tennant was evicted and left 8 dogs behind, one of which was sweet Arlo.  Arlo is a total couch potato lab. He is house trained, great with dogs and cats and a little shy with people. He would do best in a home with lots of love and patience with his shy nature. 

Update: Congratulations to the Hook family! Arlo now lives with his sister Mitsy, a heeler mix and loves having a built in playmate!

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