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Available Dogs for Adoption
Jasmine & Petunia 

Jasmine & Petunia are  Standard Poodles and must be adopted together per their late owners request. Jasmine is 6 years old and in great health, Petunia is 8 years old and in great health.  Jasmine and Petunia came to us after their owner sadly passed away and were left to us to rehome. We've kept them at employee housing on site for about 6 months and we absolutely love them, but we have discovered they are not compatible with cats or chickens and need to find them a home without those.  They do great with other dogs, but they are very snuggly and need a lot of affection and attention. We would love to find them a home where they are the only dogs, or only have one other dog in the home so they can have more affection! They are perfectly behaved in the house, they walk perfect on a leash.  They're great with all people, and wonderful with children. They come when called and know sit and down. They are used to being on the couch but will lay on their beds if you redirect them to their beds.  They are absolutely best friends and cannot be separated. Petunia is fearful in thunderstorms, but she mostly just shakes and hides in a closet until it's over. Jasmine tends to be vocal and bark when playing in the yard, or when chasing cats. They are couch potatoes for the most part, and they do require grooming every 6-8 weeks and brushing. We are hoping to find a family or retired person who is familiar with the breed.  Please fill out our adoption form below if you are interested! 

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