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Day School

At Jumping Jack Dog Ranch we endorse the force-free training company Enlightened Hounds Dog Training. Enlightened Hounds is an incredible training team who have been training all over Austin for the past ten years for various companies. Since 2017 they have been bringing their own brand of training to the dog owners of Austin, and we are thrilled to have their message join with ours.

Enlightened Hounds is focused on helping you to understand your dog, why they are doing what they are doing, and the why behind what you do in training with your dog. Just like us here at Jumping Jack, they are all about treating the core issue of why your dogs behavior is happening, not just treating the symptoms of "misbehavior". Training should be an enjoyable journey for both you and your dog, and serve to strengthen your relationship with them. What better way to strengthen your relationship than to understand your dog better! 

Both teams also recognize that not every dog has the same training needs, or learns the same way. As such, we strive to personalize the experience for every individual dog and family. We use a choice based training approach that is deeply rooted in science and positive reinforcement. This means we do not use pain, intimidation or fear to teach our dogs. Our goal is to teach you how to train your dog so that you not only have a better understanding of your dog, but you are also equipped with the skills you need to maintain your dogs new and improved behavior. Because everyone comes with different needs, we have many different training options to help you find the right fit for you.

You can read more about the team at Enlightened Hounds and their message here at their website. Keep scrolling to read all about the services that you can enjoy from them here at Jumping Jack Dog Ranch!

In Home Puppy Dayschool

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Dayschool Program
Available Monday-Friday

Day School is a fantastic option for the busy pet parent whose dog needs some extra help or stimulation. More info to come soon. 

Private Lessons

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If you are looking for training that is more human focused, Enlightened Hounds is pleased to offer stand alone Private Lessons. 

Lessons through Enlightened Hounds are currently available both as Virtual Lessons and socially distanced In Person Lessons. Working through Private Lessons means a completely customized training experience focused on creating new behaviors for your dog in your home environment, right where you need them. 

Standalone lessons are a great fit for dogs who are experiencing behavior problems like reactivity, jumping on guests, barking at the door, counter surfing, and anxiety issues. They are also a great fit for owners who simply want more focused instruction on how to train their dog themselves!

If you are interested in standalone lessons, you can get all the details on what Enlightened Hounds has to offer here on their website.

Working from Home
Interested in training?

Get in touch with the Enlightened Hounds training team by filling out this form! 

Thank you for reaching out about training with Enlightened Hounds! We will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours.

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